By purchasing The Hi Fam Studio Membership you agree to...

Put in the work:
All HiFam courses are tremendously powerful. But there are no magic bullets. It only works if you actually do the work - watch the videos (or listen to audio), do the homework, and take action by implementing what you've learned. You are not required to do everything within each course to get results, but if you do nothing - you’ll get none of the promised results.


HiFam courses, HiFam Memberships and HiFam.com are not therapy: 
HiFam.com and HiFam courses can not help with diagnosis, with clinical issues, with abuse, with safety or legal questions. When you enter into these programs you are still self-responsible for how you use the information and only applying what is relevant and resonates with you. Our assumption is that all members are in a committed, safe relationship and are looking to enhance their skills so that they can feel deeper connection and a more satisfying relationship.

If you need help that goes beyond that you must seek professional, local, and in-person assistance.

Requests for refunds will be honored within 30 days of purchase less a 10% processing fee. After 30 days no refunds will be honored. You can cancel your membership renewal at anytime prior to your renewal date.
Payments & Membership Terms:
Access to The Hi Fam Studio is only available to current paying members.

Auto-Renewal: Your Studio membership will auto-renew every year or quarter depending on the subscription option you choose. A reminder of your subscription will be sent 30 days prior to your annual renewal date.

When you are no longer a paying member of The Studio your access to all Studio materials including any bonuses or gifts received as a member will be removed.

Having an active subscription grants you access to The Studio. To keep access you must stay a paying member.

Follow Community Guidelines:
All comments and questions must remain on topic.

The focus of our group is to motivate and support our members. Therefore, we do a lot of up-front work to establish clear guidelines and to attract the right members in the first place. We expect all members to practice kindness and give each other the benefit-of-the-doubt. We expect members to refrain from participating in drama or arguments.

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. We invite authentic, expressive discussions which are sensitive and must be kept private. Anyone who shares screenshots, blocks or attacks other members will be removed from the community and all Hi, Fam! products/programs without refund.

The community is also not the place to ask billing questions, make complaints or seek technical assistance.  Instead, please email those questions to hello@hifam.com.

A full description of the community guidelines can be found here. Admins will exercise their right to delete any posts that are not aligned with the group's purpose without warning or explanation. If a member repeatedly violates the community guidelines Admins will exercise the right to remove the member from The Studio Membership without refund.

Hi, Fam! has permission to share quotable words, success stories, and comments or posts of "testimonial nature" in emails and other content. Please let us know if you decline. (Family names and photos with faces will not be used unless permission is requested and granted.)


Terms of Use:
All paid HiFam products, including but not limited to: zoom links, pdf downloads, audio downloads, and login details, are protected by copyright. Sharing any paid content or access outside of the agreed to terms is strictly prohibited. Violation of these terms will result in immediate removal from all HiFam products/programs without refund.

Anyone who shares screenshots, recordings, login information, or any other paid content without express permission will be removed from all HiFam products/programs without refund.

HiFam also reserves the right to discontinue its services including all free and paid courses at any point in time. You'll have access to the program you purchased for the lifetime of the course, for as long as HiFam continues to run the program, and guaranteed access for at least one year after you purchase. Purchasing a HiFam program does not represent ownership of the material in any way.


Membership Rights:
You may share your membership access with your spouse. We reserve the right to revoke access and block any member who misuses their membership, including, but not limited to: plagiarism, disrespectful behavior, sharing login details or screen shots outside of the community, or not following community guidelines.

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